Paulo Coelho: The Confessions of a Pilgrim (1999)

Paulo Coelho, Confessions of a Pilgrim offers the readers a chance to get to know Paulo Coelho's dramatic, inspirational life story for the first time. Coelho has always been a non-conformist, constantly searching for new paths and savouring both the good and the bad that came his way. This intimate portrait by Juan Arias offers Paulo's compelling fist-hand accounts of his experiences of: being confined to a mental institution as a young man simply because he was an artist , being kidnapped and tortured by paramilitaries , his encounters with black magic and drugs , an epiphany at Dachau , a vision he had of his own death , the nature of writing and the spiritual quest . Juan Arias is an established writer and journalist for the newspaper “El Pais” in Spain. He has received an Italian Culture Prize for his writing and was awarded best Foreign Correspondent for his journalism.